The look an feel was applied to an array of collateral, from signage, t-shirts umbrellas and foam fingers! to health and safety risk documentation, travel guides and an oversized six-foot tombola. We brought in an illustrator to turn sketch to hero. With a graphic of the UK, showing the entire business making their way to the O2.

Invite cards and safety documents were sent out across the company.

When one of the events suppliers underdelivered, I was called in to create a document for same-day print. The square document became a look and feel example for all following pre-event activity.

Employees helping at the event became 'Games-Makers' and were given a manual to help the event run smoothly. The document used a friendly illustrative style inspired by the Hero illustration used for all pre-event collateral.

Clean and simple journey planning graphics, helped co-ordinate 13,000+ people arrived on time.

Using assets from the Hero illustration gave the document a more tongue and cheek feel, and made the more boring content more digestible, with signposting throughout the document for important information.

Flat illustrated iconography was used throughout the documents.

While the after-party went into the night, our production team was at the press ensuring that a freshly written letter from the CEO, alongside a Robert Frost poem and thank you card reached desks across the country by the 9am the next morning. A huge logistical effort, that went smoothly across the country.
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