In 8 weeks, From this initial sketch...
The client wanted to display how versatile and agile they could be working with digital technology. So we challenged them to show us they could do it. Rather than presenting an exhibition stand that told the MoD what we could do, we decided to create an immersive experience, reimagining the phases of life in the UK military.
A second 'genius' stand would take feedback from visitors and develop solutions live, demonstrate live examples based on current events and serve as host to break out sessions during the two day event.
With 8 weeks to build both the brand, stand and the digital platform, we had to be fast​​​​​​​

The event would include over 12 partner brands, I was tasked with creating a blanket brand to cover the stand. The brand used the infinity symbol to highlighting the main sponsor Atos as the central link, bringing together the partners to form one solution.

Mockup of the landing page, once registered, attendees were prompted to choose between Army, Airforce or Navy along with their chosen charity. Let the games begin! Attendees had two days to compete with each other to earn the highest points, the winning charity would receive a £5,000 donation.

Inside ServiceNow's digital platform, the players could earn points by visiting different areas of the experience and completing tasks on their devices. This allowed users to stay engaged at home and while at other stands at the event. The leaderboard allowed competitors to see who was leading, and points could be awarded through RFID tags on the stand which served as a great prompt for revisits to the stand

With such an engaged audience, we used the opportunity to capture pain points from the armed forces and try resolve them live.

The biggest challenge for the event was creating the 12 metre Journey stand that would capture the imagination of attendees. Treating the stand itself as a living movie set we set out to create four environments that would put the user into each phase of a service persons journey. 
The Join section was modelled on the classic London bus stop, with mock pavement and Brickwork.
The Train section, modelled on a military classroom and using a Prolinx VR training simulation. 
The Operate section included a Hesco Bastion wall, with touch screens for presenting Battle planning simulations.
The Leave section was presented as a comfortable living space created a true feeling of retirement.

The 'Genius' Bar served host to break out sessions, giving more coverage of the event

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